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The CE Mark Compliance is now mandatory for a wide range of products sold in the European Union. Several other nations also require compliance to EU product health, safety and environment legal mandates. The CE Mark is not a quality mark and does not show compliance to a standard. Rather, CE Mark Certification shows compliance to the legal requirements of the European Directives.

If there is any doubt as to whether you need CE Mark Certification, it is wise to undergo CE compliance testing to evaluate your product against legislative CE marking requirements before you attempt to export. Otherwise you may experience the higher costs that come with a delayed entry of your product into the European Union marketplace because of a challenge by customs officials. Also, a competitor in some EU nation may challenge your product.



Various national agencies e.g. Departments of Health, Industry and Labor in the different European countries, have been appointed to conduct market surveillance for CE marking to ensure CE Mark compliance with the New Approach Directives.

These enforcement agencies will
Visit commercial, industrial and storage premises regularly
Visit work places and other premises where products are used
Organize random checks
Take samples of products for examination and CE compliance testing

After making a random check, the inspecting authority can ask for the manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity and technical file. The technical file must be provided by the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer within 7 to 10 days after the request is made.

What are the penalties for non CE Mark compliance?

Corrective action will depend on the level of non CE compliance. The person responsible for affixing the CE self certification to the noncompliant product will be held accountable as well as any others responsible for the CE Mark noncompliance of the product. Penalties, which may include imprisonment, are determined by national law

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