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Getting CE certification can be a long and sometimes frustrating process. Once you go through the long road of getting certification, you need to make it worth your while. A listing in the CE Directory can mean the difference between a product making a splash or not selling at all in the European market. First, you need to get CE certification and here are a few basics.

What is CE Certification?
CE certification is the only way that manufacturers can export products into the European Union. CE marking signifies that a particular product has passed a set number of criteria. This streamlines the importation and exportation of goods. CE marking is becoming an absolute necessity if you are a U.S. manufacturer--or a manufacturer from anywhere in the world.

Each product will have a different series of tests--for example medical equipment has a different quality assurance guideline than household electrical equipment. High risk products will have to conform to a longer list of directives. It is very beneficial for manufacturers to obtain CE certification since it ensures that once the standards are met, they are free to distribute goods throughout the EU.

Once the testing process is complete, a manufacturer needs to reach buyers who are looking for legal CE marked products. Without a service like the CE directory, you might not even have a chance to export your products. The CE Directory is known to only list high-quality products that, of course, already tout the appropriate certification.

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